Idaho and Montana Grant Program

We support Rural Education, Rural Human/Social Services, Rural Conservation and Preservation, Rural Health, and Rural Arts and Humanities projects. Read our Overall Guidelines.

In its Western Program Region, The Steele-Reese Foundation makes grants only to entities operating in the states of Idaho and Montana.  For its 2018 funding cycle, the Foundation will be strengthening its focus on those programs operating in the more rural parts of the two states in its service area. Potential applicants are encouraged to review the What We Fund section of this web site before submitting a Letter of Inquiry for the Foundation's consideration. 

For Idaho and Montana applicants, the application process begins with a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) The LOI form, which must be submitted online, is available via the Foundation's web site beginning December 1, 2017, and is due on January 10, 2018, before 11:59 pm Mountain Time. If the Foundation is able to consider a request, we will send a response by March 1 inviting a full application, which will be due April 2, 2018. All Montana and Idaho applicants are required to use the online inquiry and application tools.

Letter of Inquiry Preparation Worksheet is available here so that applicants may review questions prior to filling out the form online. It also includes full instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. You may use this worksheet as a tool to prepare your answers for the online inquiry, but you must log in and complete the online form itself for your inquiry to be formally submitted. We recommend that you save your work frequently while completing an inquiry or application on our online system, particularly after uploading a document.

If you have any questions or difficulties, we encourage you to contact Linda Tracy, Western Director, well ahead of either the inquiry or application deadlines.  Inquiries and applications may not be submitted after their respective deadlines.  All notices of final funding decisions are made by August 1 of each year, and funds are available by late August or early September. 

Applicants who have not previously registered to submit an LOI or application form online (during a previous grant cycle) will first need to register to establish an account. This includes providing an email address, creating a password, and providing key contact and organization details. Applicants can register at any time, even before the opening date of the online inquiry or application periods by clicking the Apply Online buttons found on many pages of this web site. We encourage you to contact Linda Tracy if you have any questions about the registration process or the online grant inquiry or application, and to discuss your project prior to submitting an application.

Organizations seeking additional information about other funding sources, nonprofit sustainability, webinars, conferences, and training services available in Montana and Idaho will be well served by contacting the organizations listed on the Resources page of this web site.