Kentucky Grant Program

Trustees of The Steele-Reese Foundation make decisions regarding proposals once each year. The deadline for 2018 Kentucky Grant Program applications is March 1. We do not require a letter of inquiry prior to the submission of an application. We do, however, strongly encourage potential applicants to contact Judy Owens, Appalachian Director, throughout the year to discuss funding ideas prior to submitting an application.

The Foundation only accepts proposals via an online application form. We encourage applicants to contact Judy Owens, Appalachian Director, for guidance in using this form. The Foundation's online process automatically confirms receipt of all submitted proposals. We encourage you to follow the advice throughout the application form to save your work frequently.

Registering Online

If an applicant has not previously registered to submit an application form online (during a previous grant cycle), she or he will first need to register to establish an account. This includes providing an email address, creating a password, and providing key contact and organization details. Click here to register.

Idaho and Montana Grant Program

For the 2018 grant cycle, the application process begins with an online Letter of Inquiry to determine how well your organization and its proposed work fit the Foundation's priorities and guidelines. Inquiries are accepted between December 1 and January 10. If the Foundation determines it is able to consider your request more formally, you will receive a response inviting you to submit a full application, which will be due by April 2. To begin the process, please click on the Idaho and Montana Grant Program link on the right side of this page. 

We encourage prospective applicants from Montana or Idaho to review the Letter of Inquiry worksheet. It includes the online inquiry form questions and spaces available for Montana or Idaho applicant responses.  If you have any questions about the inquiry form or registration process, we invite you to contact Linda Tracy.

Notification Process

The Foundation informs applicants of its grant decisions by August 15 of each year. Grant funds for successful applicants become available in late August or early September.

We will request any additional information as needed throughout the consideration process. The Foundation directors and trustees thoughtfully consider every application submitted. We regret we receive many more worthy applications than we have funds to support. Because of the heavy demand for its limited funds, the Foundation has no choice but to reject scores of proposals each year. The Foundation's inability to fund a project is not a judgment of an applicant's mission or an organization's effectiveness.